With over a decade of collective experience, the Emble team creates films that inspire connection and anticipation for clients looking to build stronger bonds of communication with their audience. Our commercial and brand discovery videos convey exciting and persuasive messages that lodge themselves in the viewer’s memory, remaining long after the film ends.

The team

Films that make you feel. Stories you want to be a part of. Brand discovery that sticks.

Geoff O’Connor

Video Editor | Post-Production Pioneer

Once we’ve shot your film, Geoff won’t just tie a post-production bow on it - he’ll wrap it in ribbons and coat it in confetti. Having edited short-form documentaries and branded content for five years at VICE, he helps to transform our footage into the iconic brand discovery films that our clients love.

Andy Hardy

Creative Director | Dream Architect

Need a vision to become reality? Here’s Andy. With 3 years experience shooting Sony Kando in the US, 5 years teaching video courses at YeahFieldTrip and 6 years international travel for wedding and documentary work, Emble’s Creative Director can discuss shoot-for-the-moon pitches and then explain the practicalities required to bring a project to life. Problem solver. Idea generator. One-handed handstand attempter.

Jacinta Rooney

Executive Producer | Communications Conductor

Meet the backbone of Emble. Packing a premium set of organisational and production skills acquired during her executive positions with a number of Australia's ultra-high-net-worth individuals, Jacinta’s the person who makes everything happen. She communicates with our clients throughout the whole project, acting as the glue that brings the concept from idea to screen. Making the hard stuff look easy.

Jarryd Sinclair

Director & Cinematographer | Visionary-In-Chief

Everything that happens in front of our lens is brought to you by Jarryd’s imagination. His use of visual analogies and cinematic metaphors creates impactful videos that aim to inspire, connect and above all else tell your story. His passion for filmmaking and photography stems from years of global travel and is heavily influenced by a love of action sports and adventure. After working with such world-leading brands as Specialized Bikes, Scott Sports and BMW, Jarryd became Emble’s scene-crafting maestro.

Group 11

Bridge Builders

Visual communicators that bridge the gap between brands and their audience.

Brand Discovery Films | Mini-Documentaries | Commercial Advertising | Social Content | Targeted Campaigns | Action Sports Films