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Plantiga - Keep Moving Forward

Plantiga, a wearable tech company from Vancouver CA commissioned us to create a brand piece for their new service. Once reserved for high-end athletes Plantiga services the NFL, AFL, and NBA in tracking athletes' data, improving recoveries, and pushing athletes, teams, and individuals to continue to better themselves and their bodies by providing unparalleled metrics provided by an inner sole, that can be fitted into any shoe.

The aim of the campaign was to build brand equity as well as highlight how Plantiga can benefit the everyday athlete. By launching this high-end, product to the everyday consumer Plantiga is fast becoming an unrivaled tool for athletes and coaches, and their physio's around the globe.

Client: Plantiga
Creative Director: Robert Wiltshire
Director: Jarryd Sinclair, Andrew Hardy
Director of Photography: Jarryd Sinclair, Andrew Hardy
Executive Producer: Jacinta Rooney
Editor & Colourist: Jarryd Sinclair
Sound: Cheshire Audio
VFX: Wiltshire Creative
Co-editor: Jacinta Rooney
Copywriting: Bert Seaton
Photography: Jarryd Sinclair, Andrew Hardy

Keep Moving Forward.

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