More Than Mountains


Tourism North East


Strategy, Creative, Film, Photography, OOH




Tourism North East approached us to create a Winter Campaign with end to end production. The aim - producing out-of-home content along with a 3 part video series for Victoria's High Country, promoting food and beverage in the area throughout winter. Our aim was to provide the consumer a new phrase for enticing friends and family to their area, simply stating that Victoria's High Country is 'More than Mountains.'

We approached this project by acting as a micro agency for Tourism North East, meeting the needs of a large-scale project with a nimble team allowing us to work with the weather and the many moving parts that occur over a long-term investment by both our team and the client.

The result; a production to emulate that of larger tourism campaign built out Australia-wide. To create a beautiful insight into the lives of the people of the High Country and the products they produce here, all whilst creating a lust for exploring the area Emble calls home.

Client: Tourism North East
Director: Jarryd Sinclair, Andrew Hardy, Jacinta Rooney
Director of Photography: Jarryd Sinclair, Andrew Hardy
Photography: Jarryd Sinclair, Andrew Hardy
Executive Producer: Jacinta Rooney
Line Producer: El O' Callaghan
Editor & Colourist: Ryan Kermond, Andrew Hardy
Co Editor: Jacinta Rooney
Graphic Design: Robert Wiltshire
Copywriting: Bert Seaton
Production Assistant: Archer Malkin
BTS: Archer Malkin