Training Ground Ft. Dean Lucas


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Training Ground - Scott Sports

When the opportunity arose to document the training process of World Cup downhill racer Dean Lucas, we were like kids in a candy store. Scott wanted us to do a deep dive into Dean's world and mindset, Unpacking the roots of the area in which has helped sculpt Dean into the successful racer he is today.

We hit the road and spent 4 days in the Victorian Alps capturing Dean training on his 3 different bikes: Downhill, Trail, and Road. Shedding light on the area in which Dean uses as his "Training Ground".

Client: Scott Sports
Director: Jarryd Sinclair
Talent: Dean Lucas
Editor: Jarryd Sinclair
Our Job: Production & Concept
Location: High Country, Australia
Photos: Riley Matthews, Jarryd Sinclair

Road. Downhill. Trail.

Behind The Scenes.